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About Pnina Rosenblum Ltd.

About Pnina Rosenblum Ltd.

PNINAPnina Rosenblum began her career in 1987 in a small makeup studio with an Indian mind; even then there were many inquiries and questions from clients about makeup and grooming.  Pnina's eyes were always made up of her patent called "I Touch" with which she started in the studio

After inquiries from many women who asked her for the "I Touch", Pnina decided to put it on the market. Its first product development took her about a year. Pnina did the marketing on her own by lecturing and selling the product all over the country. After her success in selling the "I Touch", Pnina moved to a larger store in Dizengoff Center, where the demand for more products increased. Pnina decided to continue exporting more products and went to Italy to one of the big companies. Worldwide in the field of cosmetics and has released eight more makeup products

When she was assisted by her friends. The "Pnina Rosenblum" company was founded in March 1989 by Pnina Rosenblum and was named after it. The company was founded by Pnina Rosenblum because of its connection to the issues of care and beauty. The fact that Pnina Rosenblum was a successful model and an intriguing and surveyed woman, contributed greatly to the promotion of the company's products and the development of the awareness of the target audience towards its products. When the products hit the market, they started marketing them by a sub-distributor, but Pnina immediately encountered a problem on the part of the customers who conditioned the purchase of the products on Pnina herself going to the stores to sell her products.

For about two years, Pnina combined office work, lectures, intensive visits to stores, bookkeeping, initiating meetings, managing a warehouse and more. This close connection strengthened the reliability in it and in the company's products, and all this led to the company's rapid development and achievements. The establishment of the company involved hard work, faith, adherence to the goal, and most importantly the acquisition of customer trust, a quality product, good service and a good price.


The company's business

"Pnina Rosenblum" is an Israeli cosmetics and care company (blue-and-white brand) with 30 years of experience. "Pnina Rosenblum" products are sold in all the retail chains in Israel, as well as at Duty Free at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.

Pnina Rosenblum manufactures beauty and perfume products for women and men, natural health foods that include a variety of granola, quinoa, chicken, fish and stir-fry sauces, gluten-free products and bedding in collaboration with Darlen. The quality of the company's products is very high and adapted to the climate in the country. On the other hand, the prices of the company's products are low compared to other companies, because the company's motto is to provide a quality product that will be accessible to every pocket in the State of Israel. Customers are very satisfied with the products and this is reflected in the high level of sales of the company and in letters from satisfied customers sent to the company. The company handles all customer inquiries in a personal and dedicated manner.